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Pixi is a low-tech table lamp based on easily recognizable, geometric shapes and raw materials and a technologically simple structure and function.

Each Pixi lamp is a unique product. The structure is handmade at a Danish forging workshop and small variations can occur.


The glass globes are from standard production.

The globes are mouth-blown in shape and where the parts of the mould are assembled, there is a not distinct but visible joint.

Pixi also comes as a wall sconce.

Pixi 2.jpg


Pixi Lamps


Pixi lamp meets a number of sustainability criteria:


Handmade locally in Denmark and the EU.


The design already includes existing standard components.


Powder coating has been used in environmentally certified production with up to 90% recycling.


All parts are easy to separate for recycling.


Pixi lamp is CE certified.

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